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Specialty Items and Sound

Controllers & Expansion Units

These speakers offer many features which work well with the BodyFrame System. Providing great sound in a compact package allows you to get maximum effect out of your creature. Our speakers have been chosen to work perfectly with our other sound components.

Voice Board

Forget CDs, stereos and all of those wires you've been using to add sound to your creatures. AllScare's Mp3 Audio Player is designed to mount directly to your creature and in conjunction with our amplifier and speaker systems, delivers any sound with amazing clarity from this incredibly small package. Record up to 10 voice or sound tracks on a USB flash drive, then watch your character come to life!

Power Supplies

The perfect companion to our Mp3 Audio Player and speaker system, this little Amp packs a big punch. Volume is king in horror, and the AllScare Amplifier will deliver loud, clear sound, from a surprisingly small unit.

Voice Board

We offer a variety of Power Supplies to deliver safe, low voltage power to electronic components.

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