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ALLSCARE IS AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR FOR ALL THE VALVES WE SELL. We offer any type of solenoid or air piloted valve. We have single or double solenoid valves in 4-way configurations. Standard voltages are 12V/DC, 24V/DC, 120V/AC. 1/8”,1/4”,3/8”, and 1/2” NPT sizes available.


Our Manifolds allow for quick and easy mounting of most of our valves. This feature also makes air supply to the valves simpler. Available in 1/8”,1/4”,3/8”, and 1/2” NPT sizes.

Manifold Kits

ALLSCARE offers you the ability to receive a valve and manifold configuration completely assembled and tested. We’ll also mount the speed controls in the valves if you desire. (See Photo of manifold assembly on this page).

Shut Off Valves

This series of valves are primarily used to manually turn air off to different zones, so that you can shut down individual characters, without disrupting the entire operation.

Manual Valves

We offer an extensive line of manually operated valves, which can easily initiate some of your animatronics.

Speed Control Valves

The use of speed control valves is critical in cylinder control. The number one misunderstood issue about cylinder control is whether to meter the air in or out. The correct way to control a cylinder is to meter the exhausting air, not the incoming air. Our Flow controls are designed to give you metering in one direction, and free flow in the other. We offer cylinder mounted speed controls, inline speed controls, and panel mounted speed controls.

Valve Boxes

Most of our components are able to be operated outdoors. We recommend that when operating solenoid valve that are used outdoors, the valves be mounted in a valve box to lessen the risk of moisture exposure. Many of these electrical boxes offer Nema 4 protection. Often these boxes are also used for the purpose of sound reduction.

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